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Network Monitoring and Management

Network Monitoring and Management

Enjoy the benefit of having a full team of IT specialists at your disposal to ensure your systems are in excellent working order. We’ll monitor your systems 24/7/365, apply patches, keep viruses at bay, and perform a multitude of other proactive and preventative measures. We address minor problems as they occur, so they don’t escalate into major issues or unexpected expenses. The majority of the time, you won’t even be aware a problem occurred in the first place.

Our technical teams are equipped to handle even the most complex problems and are continually learning and refining their skills as we keep supporting your business. We build intelligence into our remote monitoring software on an ongoing basis by categorizing alerts and documenting resolutions to thousands of issues, so we can serve you in the most efficient way possible.

Server Monitoring and Care

Our advanced remote monitoring platform tracks and analyzes your server activity around the clock. When a system or process fails to function properly, an alert is generated and our technical teams step in immediately to investigate the issue. Once we identify the problem, we take steps to resolve it remotely – in many cases before you experience any downtime.

Desktop Monitoring and Care

We proactively monitor and address common problems experienced by desktop users. We work quietly in the background to remove viruses and spyware, install patches and other preventive measures while your employees remain productive with minimal interruptions.

Network Assessments and Reports

On a regular basis, we generate reports to provide you with valuable information on the state of your systems to ensure the overall health of your network. We keep you informed of any potential problems that require outside attention or fall outside of our remote remediation capabilities.

Mobile Device Management

Our mobile device management (MDM) solution enables you to successfully support today’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, so you can rest easy knowing critical information is secure when employees access corporate data. We simplify MDM with rapid deployment, and provide comprehensive visibility and control over mobile devices, applications, and documents.

Mobile Device Management

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